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Some Authors Introduction


文章标题: Determinants of Social/Educational Stratification
作者简介:Dr Allan C. Ornstein(爱伦•奥恩斯坦博士,教授),美国知名教育家,圣约翰大学教授,是60多家政府机构和教育机构如美国教师联合会等的高级顾问,发表学术论文400多篇,出版学术专著60部。\
Allan Ornstein is professor of education at St. John’s University. He is a former Fulbright-Hayes Scholar and has been a consultant for more than 60 different government and education agencies, including the American Federation of Teachers, National Association of Secondary School Principals and Educational Testing Service. Dr. Ornstein has published more than 400 articles and 60 books. Since coming to St. John’s University in 1999, he has published 29 books. They are:
1.        Foundations of Education. (1999, 7th Ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
2.        Contemporary Issues in Curriculum. (1999, 2nd Ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
3.        Curriculum: Foundations, Principles and Issues. (1999, 3rd Ed)Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
4.        Educational Administrations: Concepts and Practices. (2000, 3rd Ed). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
5.        Strategies for Effective Teaching. (2000, 3rd Ed). Boston: McGraw-Hill.
6.        Foundations of Education. (2002, 8th Ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
7.        Contemporary Issues in Curriculum. (2003, 3rd Ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
8.        Pushing the Envelope (Columbus: Merrill, 2003).
9.        Teaching and Schooling in America (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2003).
10.     Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices. (2004, 4th Ed). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
11.     Curriculum: Foundations, Principles and Issues. (2004, 4th Ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon).
12.     Strategies for Effective Teaching. (2004, 4th Ed). Boston: McGraw-Hill.
13.     Secondary and Middle School Methods. (2005). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
14.     Foundations of Education. (2005, 9th Ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
15.     Instructional Methods K-8. (2005). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
16.     Contemporary Issues in Curriculum. (2007, 4th Ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
17.     Class Counts: Education, Inequality, and the Shrinking Middle Class.  Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
18.     Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices. (2008, 5th Ed). Belmont CA: Wadsworth.
19.     Foundations of Education. (2008, 10th Ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
20.     Curriculum: Foundations, Principles and Issues, 5th ed. (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2008).
21.     Contemporary Issues in Curriculum. (2011, 5th Ed). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
22.     Foundations of Education, 11th ed. (Belmont, CA: Cengage, 2012)
23.     Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices. (2012, 6th Ed). Belmont, CA: Cengage.
24.     Wealth vs. Work: How 1% Victimize 99% (Indiana: Author House, 2012)
25.     The Practice of Teaching. (2012). Glencoe, IL: Waveland.
26.     Curriculum: Foundations, Practice and Issues. (2013, 6th Ed. Boston: Pearson.
27.     Foundations of Education, (2014, 12th Ed). Belmont, CA: Cengage.
28.     Contemporary Issues in Curriculum. (2015, 6th Ed). Boston: Pearson.
Excellence vs. Equality: Can We Achieve Both Goals? (2015). Boulder, CO: Paradigm.
文章标题:A Comparison of Mathematics Assessment in Australia and Chinese Primary Schools: Different or Similar?
作者简介:Dr  Dacheng Zhao(赵大成博士,教授),澳大利亚西悉尼大学博士生导师,知名教育家,中澳教育合作研发中心主任,《澳中学术》学术期刊主编。相关领域发表学术论文100多篇,出版专著4部。
文章标题:Towards Seeding a Sino-Australian Education Cluster
作者简介:Dr Peter Collin Hill(博士,科学家),澳大利亚新南威尔士州科学家,西悉尼大学客席研究员,主要研究领域:量子物理学、机器人和计算机科学。
文章标题:Multilingualism, Global Competency and Communicative Performance for business
作者简介:Dr Ran Krishna Singh(博士,博士生导师,教授), 著名评论家,批评家,和现代诗人,发表研究论文160篇,发表书评170篇,指导博士论文40多篇,出版诗集6部,诗集被译成20多种语言出版。现任印度矿业学院人文与社会科学学院院长.
Dr Ram Krishna Singh\
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
Dr Ram Krishna Singh is a reviewer, critic, and contemporary poet who writes in Indian English. Dr. Singh is the author of more than 160 research articles and 170 book reviews. His works have been anthologized in about 150 publications, while his editorial activities extend to include guest-editing of Language Forum, 1986, 1995, and Creative Forum, 1991, 1997, 1998, besides being co-editor of the latter publication from 1987-90, General Editor of Creative Forum New Poets Series, and service on the editorial boards of Canopy, Indian Book Chronicle, Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Reflections, Titiksha, International Journal of Translation, Poetcrit, Impressions of Eternity (ie), and SlugFest. He has evaluated about 40 PhD theses from various universities. He has also edited the ISM Newsletter for about five years. Also known as, R.K.Singh, he is a prominent name in the Indian English Haiku genre. With his haiku anthologies namely Every Stone Drop Pebble (1999), Peddling Dreams (English/Italian, 2003), The River Return (2006), Sense & Silence: Collected Poems (2010), New and Selected Poems: Tanka and Haiku (2012), and I Am No Jesus and Other Selected Poems: Tanka and Haiku (English/Crimean Tatar, 2014), has tried to concretize the haiku images of self-effacing nature; oriented haiku with subjective, surreal and mythic elements, the emergent social and political consciousness, validating and exemplifying haiku practices in India. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Crimean Tatar, Arabic, Farsi, Esperanto, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, and Bangla.
Dr.Singh was born on 31 December 1950 in Varanasi, India. After earning a B.A in 1970, he gained his M.A. in English Literature from Banaras Hindu University in 1972, and his Ph.D. from Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, in 1981. He also obtained a Diploma in Russian in 1972. He started his career in journalism, as a Compilation Officer in the District Gazetteers Department, Lucknow, 1973, and a Journalist with the Press Trust of India, New Delhi, 1973-74. Changing to teaching he became a Lecturer at the Royal Bhutan Polytechnic, Deothang, Bhutan, 1974-76. Joining the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad as a Lecturer from 1976–83, he then rose to Assistant Professor in 1983. He has been Professor of English in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences since 1993.
Awards and Honors
In recognition of his achievements Professor Singh has received several awards and honors, among them:
Honorary Litt.D. from the World Academy of Arts and Culture, Taiwan, 1984;
Fellowship of the International Poets Academy, Madras, 1987;
Fellowship of the International Writers and Artists Association, U.S.A.1988;
Michael Madhusudan Award, Calcutta, 1994;
Poet of the Year Award for 1995 from the Canadian Alumni of the World University, Ontario, 1996;
Ritsumeikan University Peace Museum Award, Kyoto, 1999;
Certificate of Honor and Nyuusen Prize in Kumamoto International Kusamamoto Haiku Competition, Japan, 2000 and 2008;
Diploma of Author of the Year Award, Trento, Italy, 2002;
Ambassador-India, Poets of the World, Chile, 2008;
Lifetime Achievement Award, Chennai, 2009;
Distinguished Membership of The International Association of Poets, Writers and Artists (IAPWA), Albania, 2012;
Prize of Korea Literature, Korea, 2013;
Special Award Diogen, 2013;
Nazar Look Prize for Poetry, Romania, 2013;
Nominated for XXXIX Pushcart Prize,2013
文章标题:Self-reflection on the Teaching of Chinese at Australian Schools: from a Teacher-researcher’s Perspective
作者简介:Yiye Lu博士是澳大利亚西悉尼大学教育学院教师研究专家。他的博士论文是:Towards technological pedagogical content knowledge via cross socio-linguistic interaction: a case study of beginning teacher-researchers’ decision-making in school-engaged teacher-researcher.
文章标题: Case Study on Changes in Housing Submarkets in Shanghai: 1994-2005
作者简介:Dr Zhang Guowu(张国武博士), 英国伦敦大学博士毕业,城市规划专家,湖南城市学院副教授,在国际国内权威刊物发表学术论文10多篇,现任中国城市规划学术委员会-国外城市规划学术委员会会员。
文章标题:The Ethical Problems and Remedies for Population Aging in China
作者简介: Professor Liu Rangxin(刘让新教授), 湖南科技大学教授,硕士生导师。
文章标题: Ethical Implications of Adorno’s Alterity Ideas on Music
作者简介:Dr Zhang Bixia,留美戏剧学硕士、湖南师范大学伦理学博士。
文章标题:City “Apathy” and its Ethical Guidance
作者简介:Dr Yi Yongqing,资深编审,教授,博士,国家社科基金项目主持人,湖南省首批理论学习服务体系专家,省级青年骨干教师,湖南省社科院哲学所特约研究员,湖南人民出版社特约编审,湖南城市学院246人才工程第一层次学术领军人才人选。出版学术著作3部,发表学术论文80余篇,被《光明日报》《新华文摘》《中国社会科学文摘》等摘转40余篇次。
文章标题:The Effects of Taoist Ethics on the Perception of Traditional Chinese Apparels
作者简介:Dr Jiang Jianhui,服装设计和法学双硕士,湖南师范大学伦理学博士。
文章标题:How to Avoid Difficulties in a Specific Type of Second Essay in Writing Part of IELTS
作者简介:Chinara F. Dashdamirova, 持证雅思考官,TESOL/TEFL专家,剑桥英语教师专家组专家。