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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

(1) Q.  What is ISSN?
Ans.  ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number.
(2) Q.  I want to publish my article. Where can I get the information about the procedure?
Ans. You can read the Author’s guidelines carefully and send/ submit your paper in MS-Word file to: aussiesinostudies@gmail.com  ;  ass6135@163.com  ;  assuws@163.com
Note- please do not send PDF for the paper.
(3) Q.  Should I send author’s bio, abstract and body of the article in three different files?
Ans.  Send only one attachment where we require your affiliation address along with paper. You don’t need to mention your postal address at the end of the paper.
(4) Q.  When can I ask the status of my submission?
Ans.  We strictly follow the procedure of peer review guideline, hence it takes to review minimum 5-8 days.
(5) Q.  What is the deadline for the next issue?
Ans:  Visit Call For Paper page for deadlines of each issue
 (6) Q.  Why was my article rejected?
Ans.  If your paper is not sent according to the guideline and ASS committee finds any major error then it will be rejected even before peer-review procedure.
(7) Q.  What is the procedure of accepting or rejecting the submission?
Ans:  We strictly follow blind peer-review procedure. We send your submission to three reviewers and if at least two of them approve your research paper then we accept your paper for the publication. If two reviewers send negative reviews and remarks, we reject your article or send it to the writer to correct it and send it back.
(8) Q. How can I subscribe to the journal?
Ans: ASS is an open access e-journal where you can read and download articles for free.
(9) Q.  How can I join the editorial team? What is the procedure?
Ans:  Send your CV to ASS or there is form given in call for paper sub menu, you can fill that  form.  We prefer experts in related fields.
(10) Q. What is the word limit for the article or research paper?
Ans. No specification is given as such for publication but standard page limit is 5-9 pages.