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Published Articles



Human Capital, Innovation and Technology
Allan C. Ornstein

National Culture Protection and Safety Strategy of the Developing Countries Under the Background of Internationalization of Education: the Ghanaian Perspective
Wiliam Mawutor Kofi Anyigba Michael Nyarkoh


Bibliometric Analysis of the Nursing Literature: A Study at Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical  Sciences  (SVIMS) University, Tirupati, India
A. Omkar Murthy  M.R. Murali Prasad  B. Vijay kumar

On Correlation Study Between On-Line Hot Words and Contemporary Social Moral Status
Hu Qingqing

The Impact of Emerson’s Transcententalism on “American Dream”
Gao Qinglong

Energy Field of Ideological and Political Education
Zhou Shandong


 The Necessity of the Digitalization of Hunan Embroidery Stitch
Huang Di

Wayward Mergers and Acquisitions in Modern Russia
Anastasia Germanovna Alekseenko  Valery Pavlovich Zyza

Social Networks as a Policy Instrument in the 21st Century
Aykush Avanesyan


Chinese Art Upgration with Great Artist, Lin Fan’s Triple Uniques: Poetry, Calligraphy and Paintin A Brief Comment on the Art of Lin Fan’s Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting
Jiang Liyu

Practice of Chinese Dream on the Base of Patriotism Spirit
Wang lihua

Research on Internal Quality Assurance System in Chinese Graduate Education: a Case Study Based on Jiangsu Province
Lu Jie, Wu Mengyun, Zhang Yangjie


Non-Monetary Incentive (NMI) as a Motivating Factor to Improve Job Performance in the Ghanaian Construction Industry - A Case of Justmoh Construction Limited
R. Arora , M.M. Ujakpa , I.K. Nooni , Fianko , K.S., S.O. Hammond , L. N, Bayuasia , N. Abubakar

Research on the Planning Strategy of Green Space System in Zhuzhou: Based on Two Types Society Idea
Peng Hua

On Implementing Jigsaw Model of Collaborative Learning for Chemistry Teaching : A Case Study at an Australian Senior High School
Fang Qingyun

Releasing Welding Residual Stress of Curved Surface by High-Frequency Vibration
Jin Kai , Tang Weixiao