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Journal Introduction


Journal Introduction
The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies (JASS) is an academic or scholarly journal published quarterly in print by the SUCCESS. It is a refereed, peer-reviewed, open access, not-for-profit international journal.
The Journal (ISSN 2204-6135) has been approved by The Australian ISSN Agency, National Library of Australia.  It publishes original research papers and brief scientific reports on specialized topics in Economics and Finance, Education, Journalism and Communication, Linguistics and applied linguistics, Managements, medical science and nursing, Political science, and Sociology.
The manuscripts can be online submitted or sent to any of the following three editorial emails: 
aussiesinostudies@gmail.com  ;  assuws@163.com
Aim & Vision
The Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies (JASS) aims at the original research work that contributes to a better understanding of different academic spheres of learning.  JASS is an open access (free for readers) journal, which encourages researchers to publish their research papers and articles online because they are easily and freely accessible to research scholars and the research community , providing an online platform for research scholars, researchers, professionals, academicians, students and teachers to publish their research papers and articles with an international audience. 
Aussie-Sino Studies (JASS) is also aimed at giving a recognized platform to students, researchers, research scholars, teachers, authors and other professionals to publish their original and current research work to a wide, international audience. Those who are dedicated to the creation of knowledge can also use the international stage of JASS for getting peer reviews on their other original work that contributes to a better understanding of social and natural knowledge, like books, Ph.D. and Masters Dissertations..

February 2015 - National Library of Australia

Mar 8, 2015 - Aussie-Sino Studies. volumes. Issue 1 (March 2015)- AN: 54116474 ISSN: 2204-6135 ANL eng rda ANL contributed cataloguing CIP entry.
Aussie-Sino Studies. volumes. Issue 1 (March 2015)-
AN: 54116474
ISSN: 2204-6135
ANL eng rda ANL contributed cataloguing
CIP entry.  Projected publication date: 201503
Sino-Aussie Unique Collaboration Centre For Education 
Studies and Service (SUCCESS) issuing body.