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Sino-Aussie Unique Collaboration Centre for Education Studies and Service (SUCCESS)

Sino-Aussie Unique Collaboration Centre for Education Studies and Service (SUCCESS) is a world class centre for international and global education. It aims to build a bridge of understanding and cooperation between the East and the West in generally, and between Australia and China in particularly through developing friendship between Australian and Chinese educational institutions, teaching Chinese language and culture in Australia, providing Aussie study tours to Chinese teachers and students, and publishing the Journal of Aussie-Sino Studies.

School and Program
Chinese language and culture programs: We cooperate with NSW DEC to promote Chinese language and Culture programs in five schools including York Public School (PS), Glenbrook PS, Hazelbrook PS, Excelsior PS and Parramatta East Public School.
Australian and Chinese study tour programs: We organize Australian study tour for Chinese teachers and students, and Chinese tour for Australian teachers and students.
Professional development programs:  Cooperating with more than 20 NSW DEC schools, we provide shadowing program to Chinese teachers and principals to exchange ideas with Australian colleagues at Australian schools to experience Australian education and culture.

Teaching Chinese
Our Hua Xia Chinese Language and Culture School is a community language school. We welcome all those interested in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. Our school teach Mandarin, simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and Chinese culture. The school has high quality teachers who use communicative language teaching and intercultural language teaching methods to teach students in small groups according to students' Chinese level. The aim of the school is to stimulate learners' interests in Chinese language and culture, and improve the learners' intercultural communicate competence, especially abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. It is supported by NSW Department of Education and Communities. To express interests please send email to huaxiapenrith@gmail.com; or call 0410630357.

China Study Tour
We aim to build a bridge of understanding and cooperation between Australian and Chinese schools. We are keen to help Australian schools to develop sister-school or friendship school relationship with Chinese counterparts. We can organise short time (from one week to three months) China study tour for Australian teachers and students and provide you with opportunities to experiencing Chinese culture and Education through traveling around China, study at Chinese schools and live with Chinese families.  We are also willing to help Australian people especially university students and teachers to teach English to Chinese students and build long term relationship with Chinese people.

Our Partners
Since 2007, we have been building strong partnerships with education bureaus, and schools across Australia and China. In Australia, we are working closely with NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and its schools to promote Australia Study Tour program and teachers' professional training program.
New South Wales(NSW) Department of Education and Communities(DEC) and Its Schools
Since 2007 we have built partnerships with more than 20 schools across NSW:
NSW TAFE Colleges
Parramatta High School
Arthur Phillip High School
Macarthur Girls High School
Oatlands Public School
Holroyd High School
Cumberland High School
Cabramatta High School
Strathfield Girls High School
Chester Hill High School
Penrith High School
St Mary's Senior High School
Eastwood Public School
Sydney Boys High School
Sydney Girls High School
Kingswood Public School
Glenbrook Public School
Hazelbrook Public School
Excelsior Public School
Parramatta East Public School
York Public School
Parramatta West Public School
Epping Boys High School